A downloadable SleepMode for Windows and macOS

SleepMode is a simple project I'm working on. It's a simple idea, inspired by old classic games such as Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon etc.

In this idea, you are an agent that has to complete a set of trials in order to get accepted into a secret agency. Do you think you have what it takes?

Puzzles, Run and Jump, Logic Games...

and much more to come...


  • Local Leaderboards
  • Online Leaderboards
  • Procedural Puzzles

Version 0.02 Alpha - (Please understand that this is not final)

Known Bugs / Issues:

  • Message on a door on the second level is going mad if you stay on top of the trigger.
  • The select level button is off limits for a while, until I figure out a way to make it available :)
  • When you die you have to press Escape in order for the cursor to show up

Version 0.03 & 0.031 Alpha - (Please understand that this is not final)


  • Fixed message frenzy on 2nd level no-access door on the right.
  • Added 2nd Level medium Puzzle
  • Added 2nd Level 2nd Tier Puzzle
  • Fixed Bug where Finish Screen would conflict with pressing escape menu

Known Bugs / Issues:

  • To select a level you have to press the button twice on the select level screen
  • Level 2 doesn't unlock on the select level screen upon completing
  • When completing Level 2 you don't get to see your race time on the finish screen
  • If you completing Level 2 and press next level you will basicly restart Level 2, that's mainly because Level 3 isn't even designed yet.
  • The secret door solution is leading nowhere.
  • You have to press escape when completing a level in order to see the cursor.
  • Animation on the 2nd Tier of Level 2 door is looping
  • Some Windows users may exprerience small lag issues, looking to fix those as soon as possible.

Due to some major bugs - I will release a minor patch ( Version 0.031) which fixes the following:

  • Selection screen would fail to close after it opened due to heavy load.

Version 0.04 - (Please understand that this is not final)

So I did a lot of bug fixing this week for the game, so I haven't included every small detail in here. Thank you for the support you've shown to me everyone! Share this game with your friends and compete with them on who can finish it faster. But don't let them peak in your screen. Try to beat your own time. For now you have to write your score down, until I'm able to write a leaderboard.


  • Fixed a bug where vanishing plates would go mad and dissapear and reapear all the time.
  • Fixed Cursor not showing up on different situtations, like Death, Escape Menu, Finishing
  • Fixed Quit Game button at the Start Menu
  • Secret Door now let's you finish the Second Level faster.
  • Fixed a bug where unlocking one of the two doors on the second level would make the other not able to unlock.
  • Various UI fixes.

For the next Update:

  • I'm planning to create the controls for the game in the loading screen.
  • Create UI elements for interactable objects such as Keypads and buttons.
  • Maybe start building Level 3.

I encourage anyone that finds a bug of the game to submit it either by sending me a message in person, or by writting in the comment area bellow.

I received over the past weeks very positive comments regarding my small game. You could easily tell me what you think, and how I should go into improving it the next couple updates, just comment below!

Thank you for your Support!

Install instructions

Updates: Make sure you have the correct version. I will update as regular as possible, usually it takes a batch of fixes to release a patch or a version update.

Instructions: Just unzip the folder and run, that's pretty much it. I will take the time to include an installer in the final version. But the game it's far from over, that's why I haven't spend any time with it.


sleepModeDemo_MacOSX.zip 55 MB
SleepMode_x86_WindowsDemo.zip 40 MB
SleepMode_x64_WindowsDemo.zip 42 MB

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